At 7,000 ft above sea level in Arizona is where this family trio

started creating their music together. Every weekend, performing on a tourist railway train that ran between their home town and the Grand Canyon, they moved closer to the life changing decision to pull stakes and move to Nashville, TN

where they settled in playing local honky-tonks and writer rounds becoming known for their hypnotic, unique vocal harmonies and memorable original songs.


WesternBoy consists of 3 extremely talented members of the same family;

Dakota Beavers, lead singer, guitar player and the younger son of Lance Beavers, Lance is the main songwriter of the group, as well as harmony singer and bass player and eldest son Dylan, the lightening fast mandolin player and tenor harmony vocalist.


Dakota’s voice and his soulful approach to a lyric will have you on the

edge of your seat waiting for every line. Take that combined with the blood harmonies and you’ve got a sound that is fresh yet familiar in the same listen.

Being from the Southwest with a heritage of Irish, Native American and Spanish, adds another element of depth to the WesternBoy sound.


If you’re looking for music that stands out and grabs your attention from the first note, then WesternBoy is a must to investigate. 

You’ll be glad you did.